Drawing classes & What you will learn:

  • Introduction to drawing
  • Composition
  • How to measure correct proportion to draw realistic
  • Perspective
  • Introduction to drawing: $50 for 2 hours

Advanced Drawing

  • How to work with graphite in order to create shadows
  • Soft & hard edges
  • Learn the tricks to blend shading strokes
  • Realistic charcoal, pastel and graphite drawings
  • Discover mass drawing – Beyond line drawing
  • Advanced drawing: $60 for 2 hours

Painting Classes & What you will learn

  • Introduction to paint
  • Colour wheel
  • Do’s & Don’ts in painting values
  • How to see tones in colour values
  • Working with Acrylic, Oil paint, Watercolour, Pastel and different mediums
  • How to apply texture on to your canvas
  • Pouring medium classes
  • How to work with Gold Leaf
  • Painting Classes: $60 for 3 hours

If you are a student & willing to work on your projects, I am more than happy to help you accomplish that

Contact me for more information: 604.722.2749