Artist Bio & Statement

Honeytta Eyvany was born in Iran in a Kurdish family. She moved to different countries and settled in Canada to pursue her professional practice as an artist. Honeytta is currently holding a bachelor of Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of  Arts and Design in Vancouver, BC. 

Although she is a traditionally trained artist and worked mainly with representational subjects, her new practice on a more conceptual level has assisted her in creating the connection between what she left behind in Kurdistan and her artworks. In 2021, Honeytta was awarded the Anti-Racism Student Action + Respond (ARSAR) fund to create a body of work, so called, “Words Break Cement,” reflecting upon Kurdish colonization, tribal society, poverty and the dominant patriarchy in Kurdistan.

Her practice transforms concrete conceptually and aesthetically into sculptural objects and installations to preserve her Kurdish culture and give a voice back to the victims of an uncontacted community.